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Bridging worlds: unveiling invaluable insights from a dual perspective

People TSACare
People TSACare

In the dynamic field of contact centre solutions, understanding and adapting to the complexities of client needs is vital. Dave Machar, the newly appointed Head of Business Development at TSA Group, brings a wealth of experience from both the client’s and service provider’s perspectives, positioning TSA to forge a future marked by deep understanding and collaborative success. 

Dave’s transition from being a client partner manager to a pivotal figure at TSA has given him a comprehensive view of the vibrant dynamics shaping the service landscape.  


A black and white headshot of Dave Machar with a quote that reads 'My time working closely with TSA on the client side allowed me to appreciate the intricacies of their bespoke client model. Now, I'm eager to use that knowledge to further refine our solutions and enhance our processes."


Keen on fostering innovation at TSA, Dave is ready to utilise his unique vantage point to influence positive change. His approach to business development, moulded by his time collaborating with a key client, aligns perfectly with TSA’s commitment to being responsive and adaptive to the shifting needs and expectations of clients. 

Looking forward, Dave is eager to lead TSA into a promising future characterised by collaborative insights and mutual understanding between the company and its clients. “My leadership style is grounded in a deep appreciation for the client’s perspective, fostering a harmonious relationship built on mutual understanding and shared objectives,” he remarks. 

Dave encapsulates the bright future TSA is eager to carve out, noting, “We are primed to build a framework where understanding meets innovation, revolutionising customer experience solutions with empathy and foresight.” 



TSA are Australia’s market leading specialists in CX Consultancy and Contact Centre Services. We are passionate about revolutionising the way brands connect with Australians. How? By combining our local expertise with the most sophisticated customer experience technology on earth, and delivering with an expert team of customer service consultants who know exactly how to help brands care for their customers.

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