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The Insider Edit – July to September 2023

Insights The Insider Edit
Insights The Insider Edit

At the core of every flourishing business or community, the age-old principle of interdependence remains as relevant as ever. Whether it’s businesses creating value for their customers, employees fostering a culture that uplifts one another, or technology enhancing human endeavours, the notion of mutual support is omnipresent.

This edit, we unearth those intertwined relationships at play in providing excellence customer support and creating enriching experiences for all.

Offering insights and opinion pieces within our expertise and understanding of the CX industry, we explored these key areas:


Empathy fueling mutual support

The role of empathy in contact centres

Embedding empathy within a customer experience involves a level of emotional intelligence, and a mix of listening, understanding and a sympathetic ear. “What really strong team members do is they bring the customer along on the journey with them,” Darrah Doyle, TSA Group’s Operation Manager, says. “So you’re like, ‘That’s not a great thing that’s happened to you, but I’m here now to help you, so let’s move through this.”

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First-call resolution for energy callers important in uncertain times

Australians are finding themselves paying more for a service that can be unreliable and in these challenging moments, customers are looking to their energy providers for support and expect to have their issues resolved as quickly as possible. It is in these challenging moments that having a specialised customer experience team becomes critical.

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Culture and rewards essential to cut through tight labour markets

“I don’t think TSA Group is unique in this instance, but at this particular time, employees want flexibility, and they want the opportunity to balance the commitments of their role with their lives outside of work. What our talent wants now is more control over how and when they work. And through our rostering and flexible working arrangements, we make that happen.”

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The world can be a lonely place, but it doesn’t have to be

“What you will gain though, in asking R U OK?, is an opportunity to be a part of change for the better. You’ll be setting the precedent that making time to talk openly and honestly about how we feel is important, and you’ll be making a meaningful connection with someone who might be, in that very moment, really in need of a listening ear.”

An article written by our Internal Communications Coordinator, Eleanor (Nell) Bell, who is a strong advocate for mental health, wellbeing, and raising awareness.

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Finding power within: TSA contact centres creating quality careers

TSA Group’s people strategy is to provide clear career pathways while also giving employees the support they need to grow their skill sets and make the most of the opportunities provided.

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The support network between humans and tech

Australia: a leader in excellent customer support

“Analytics is quite a common and well-established gauge for Australian businesses to measure customer experience. And that in itself drives a focus on customer experience from executives down and ensures that the customer experience is good.”

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AI generating a bright future for contact centres

And for those who fear rapid advances in chatbot technology will replace people entirely, Mr Timothy Reynolds, TSA’s IT Specialist Software Engineer, says there will always be a need for genuine human interaction. “If the interaction is classified as riskier, we would feed those through to human agents, rather than just blindly feeding everyone through the same sort of AI experience. If we’re talking about hardship and other financial requests, that’s traditionally the one that’s been, even with human interactions with the contact centre, where the more experienced agents would be fielding those calls.”

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Contact centre tech helps logistics leap hurdles as e-commerce booms

“Having technology that can be tailored to the specific needs of a business is a significant advantage. We can really customise the level of service we deliver to our logistics clients to match the demand.”

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