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We admit that intuition is a big part of how we operate. But that intuition is backed by data-driven experience and an understanding of the customer’s needs.

In the last few months, we looked at how tech and data play a key part in customer outcomes but not without the human touch in its delivery for an empathetic customer experience.

Offering insights and opinion pieces within our expertise and understanding of the CX industry, we explored these key areas:


Data-led customer experiences

Using real-time analytics to enhance CX in contact centres

Every customer interaction is valuable and potentially contains rich information and feedback for the company.

So much of this valuable data can potentially be lost with ineffective and complex working-from-home procedures. Support Cell gathers all the important analytics together for contact centres to utilise in training programmes, support strategies, and customer service. The benefits extend company-wide, and are felt by customers, clients, new employees, seasoned team leaders, upper management, and even stakeholders.

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Are travel apps hijacking your customer?

From a customer perspective, turning to an app to help manage a complex trip makes sense…But the trade-off for that short-term gain can be seen in relationships and data.

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From operational KPIs to tracking customer outcomes

Putting your different indicators in a hierarchy, however, enables you to see how they influence one another. Rather than just focussing on costs and revenue, you can now see, in context, the full chain of causal effects that impact your organisation’s success at each level.

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Best Knowledge Management Results Award

Our Knowledge Management Team… have worked tirelessly to implement an easy-to-use single source of truth with quality content using an effective governance system and a dedicated team of cross-skilled technical writers.

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Delivering empathy in a contact centre

Rise of the vulnerable customer

“Even if I am speaking with a customer for the first time, I need a level of empathy and understanding in my approach. You can’t treat them as a number. You have to treat them as an individual.”

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The importance of emotional intelligence in contact centres

We’ve also found that training employees in emotional intelligence has knock-on effect throughout the business, not just in our vulnerable customer programmes. Even though other areas of work may involve less complex and sensitive scenarios, the emotional intelligence that employees gain goes a long way in more mundane situations.

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Telehealth and the importance of patient experience

“The uptake of technology and new communication channels offer a fantastic opportunity for providers to be able to give targeted advice around wellbeing and health, and to develop their relationship with the patient or customer,” Mr Walker says.

“But it also puts the onus on providers to be able to use those platforms well so that information is conveyed clearly and that the patient experience is positive.”

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Mistakes That Made Me a better leader

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Employee engagement the #TSAWay

“The focus for TSA is a lot more based on how they’re actually enjoy what they are doing, and how we can help them enjoy what they are doing…but also trying to take away other stresses in their lives to help them be in a better place”

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