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How next-gen chatbots will continue to enhance customer experience

You’d have to be living under a rock to have missed all the buzz that’s happening around Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the moment. New technologies – which include the now infamous ChatGPT with its advanced Natural Language Processing capabilities – hold remarkable potential to change customer experience for the better.


What are chatbots currently doing in the customer support domain?

Chatbots are being used for prompt and accurate responses to simpler customer inquiries. They’re helping free up human agents to focus on more complex issues, which, in turn, works to improve a brand’s overall customer experience.

We’re currently seeing chatbots used to respond to frequently asked questions, resolve technical issues, assist with processing orders and payments, provide product recommendations, and handle complaints and feedback.

Chatbots have yet to replace the need for human interaction as part of an exemplary CX strategy. But, with AI advancing rapidly, we will see next-gen chatbots used more readily to help brands deliver an even more diversified, prompt and personalised customer experience – one that benefits customers while improving brand efficiency.


How next-gen chatbots will enhance customer experience

1. More Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Next-gen chatbots will be able to process natural language more accurately and efficiently. They’ll be better able to understand the nuances of human language, which  customers will find easier for communication. In turn, chatbots will be able to resolve issues more quickly and accurately.


2. Increased Personalisation

Customer data will be able to be used more effectively to personalise the customer experience. Chatbots will be better at analysing customer data, such as purchase history and browsing behaviour, to provide personalised recommendations and offers.


3. Greater Automation for Team Member Support

They’ll continue to improve at handling more complex inquiries, freeing up team members, to handle the most challenging issues.


4. Enhanced Multilingual Support

Chatbots will be able to provide multilingual support more effectively. They’ll be able to translate multiple languages in real-time, making it easier for businesses to communicate with customers around the world.


5. Improved Emotional Intelligence

While chatbots may not be able to communicate emotionally, or understand the nuance of human emotions, what they will be able to do is detect when a customer is upset or frustrated and then escalate the issue to a team member.


Shaping future CX solutions

At TSA Group, we believe businesses that leverage next-generation chatbots will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace and be better equipped to meet the evolving needs of their customers. However, let’s also be clear – for contact centres of the moment, the chatbot should be used to support human advisors and not the other way around.

Even though chatbots will continue to have greater capabilities for personalisation, automation, and handling complexity, the simple fact is that people prefer human interaction when it comes to customer support situations. A study by CSG International in 2022 reports that 36% of consumers prefer to wait to interact with a human representative when seeking customer service.

It’s why a diverse, multichannel approach – one that leverages AI to coexist alongside human support – represents the future of CX delivery. Our cloud-based platform already integrates multiple automation technologies, and we’re continuing to develop our AI language processing capabilities to empower customers with choice.


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