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TSA Group’s Happy Health Month boosts staff wellness

Culture People TSACare
Culture People TSACare

In today’s fast-changing corporate world, prioritising employee wellbeing isn’t just a good idea—it’s essential. That’s why at TSA Group we go all out with our annual Happy Health Month. It’s our way of thanking our team and proving that personal health is key to our collective success. 

Every year, we transform our office spaces into wellness hubs, all framed by our four pillars: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Eating, and Give Back. These cornerstones weave mental, physical, and emotional care right into our daily work life.

Happy Health Month is as varied as our team—activities are designed to engage everyone, across all ages and walks of life. Whether it’s taking a break in our chillout zones or flexing your culinary muscles in a healthy cooking challenge, the month invites everyone to actively manage their health. 

Alexis Sideris, one of our HR team members, says it best: “Happy Health Month shows me that TSA aren’t afraid to shine a light on the important and more complex sides to health, particularly when it comes to mental health. Outside of the more serious side, it’s always a really fun time with loads of healthy snacks and engaging activities.”

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From healthy snacks to cuddle time with furry friends, Happy Health Month at TSA Group adds a touch of wellness to our workdays.


“Happy Health Month has always been a period where we see a significant boost in team morale and unity. I 100% believe that Happy Health Month has benefits for our teams. Over the past few years, it has been great to see the positive effects it has had on individual wellbeing, which in turn reflects on our collective success as a company” says Daniel Herold, TSA Group Channel Manager.

Our impact doesn’t stop within our four walls though. Through initiatives like food drives and raising money for LGBTQIA+ youth, we reinforce our commitment to social responsibility. It’s not just about us; it’s about enriching our broader community. 

Why do we focus so intensely on holistic wellbeing? Because we believe a well-cared-for team is a productive and happy team. Happy Health Month isn’t just an event; it’s a vital part of our company culture, a testament to our commitment to improving quality of life. 

As the world starts to recognise the value of employee wellness, we’re proud that our Happy Health Month stands as an example. We see it as a transformative journey that enriches lives and fosters teamwork, not just a box to tick off. 

In the end, Happy Health Month encapsulates a simple yet powerful message: Our team’s wellbeing is critical for our long-term, sustainable success. As we look back on this special month, we’re filled with inspiration and hope for a future where employee wellbeing isn’t just an HR catchphrase, but a fundamental business strategy. 


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