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The Balancing act of work, school, and parenting

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As we near the end of the summer break for school-aged children across Australia, many parents have been managing the stress of coordinating childcare with work responsibilities for the past six weeks. With schools beginning to reopen over the coming weeks, these parents now face a new set of challenges: transitioning from holiday mode back into the routine of school and work. This can be a complex period of adjustment, not only for children but also for the parents orchestrating this shift. 

During the school holidays, the juggle of arranging suitable childcare while balancing work commitments is a significant concern for many families. A challenge that is often heightened by the financial pressures that come with the current increase in the cost of living. Parents are required to make tough decisions about who will take time off, how to ensure their children are well cared for, and how to manage the additional expenses of holiday activities or childcare services. 

With the new school year on the horizon, parents must now navigate their children’s mixed feelings about returning to school, meeting new teachers, and adapting to new classroom environments. For parents, this time can involve a complex blend of logistics planning, emotional support, and adjusting back to their professional roles after the holiday period. 

Plan and Prepare

Use the last few days of the holidays to get into a school-friendly routine. This can include adjusting bedtimes and meal times.

Open Dialogue

Keep the lines of communication open with your children about their feelings towards the new school year and with your employer about your work-life balance needs.

Flexibility at Work

Explore flexible working options with your employer. At TSA, we understand the importance of this flexibility and encourage it as part of our commitment to our employees' well-being.

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At TSA, we understand the complexity of these challenges. Our approach, centred on practical support and empathy, aims to meet the diverse needs of our workforce. Where possible, we look to provide flexible working arrangements to assist our team members in balancing their work and family responsibilities.

Eleanor, a long-standing member of our TSA team, reflects on her own experience: “The juggle of work and caring for my two young children, one of whom is neurodiverse, has been challenging, especially without extended family support. Through open communication with my manager, I’ve been able to adapt my work hours and leave arrangements, making a significant difference for our family.”

We acknowledge that client demands can sometimes impact the level of flexibility we can provide. Encouraging open and honest dialogue, we work with our employees to identify viable solutions that respect both their family needs and our client commitments. 

The landscape of Australian family and work life is shifting, bringing to light the increasing importance of workplace flexibility. The rise in dual-working parent households is a clear indicator of how the balance between work and family responsibilities is changing. These trends highlight the evolving needs of today’s families and the vital role of flexible, responsive workplaces. At TSA, we are firmly committed to reviewing and implementing ongoing changes to better support our employees and their families. 


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