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The Insider Edit – October to December 2023

Insights The Insider Edit
Insights The Insider Edit

Making confident and sound choices for your contact centre can be complex, particularly when confronted with shifting customer demands and the constant buzz surrounding new technologies.  

The ability to remain agile and adaptive is of paramount importance for decision-makers, but those decisions should be firmly grounded in data-driven insights and deep industry experience. 

Offering insights and opinion pieces within our expertise and understanding of the CX industry, we explored these key areas: 


Navigating the tech maze 

Dan on tech driving high-quality decision-making

Here’s a snippet of The Agile Contact Centre’s podcast episode that features Dan Hill-Smith, Chief Operating Officer at TSA Group, as he delved into the relationship between data and technology in contact centres and how that partnership can enable high-quality decision-making. 


Better business from an omnichannel approach 

With a myriad of methods to communicate to customers, ensuring they receive the same message whether they’ve picked up the phone, are chatting with a bot or are sending a text is crucial for the strategy’s success.  

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Is it time to rethink your customer service channels? One airline thinks so 

“It’s more about creating a seamless customer experience in general versus just enabling chat as a functionality for your customers to use. TSA Group Senior Operations Manager Kelly Whippy expects the digital-first approach to gain momentum in the coming years. Find out more: Is it time to rethink your customer service channels? One airline thinks so

AI doesn’t mitigate the need for human interaction

And for those who fear rapid advances in chatbot technology will replace people entirely, Mr Reynolds says there will always be a need for genuine human interaction. “If the interaction is classified as riskier, we would feed those through to human agents, rather than just blindly feeding everyone through the same sort of AI experience.”

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Delivering service excellence with timely customer support  

Genuine connections can cut through rising costs

In this economically uncertain environment, fostering customer loyalty and satisfaction becomes a paramount goal and a massive challenge for customer-facing companies. But how can a contact centre help foster trust, nurture loyalty and help consumers navigate the challenges of rising costs?

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Navigating customer contact surges: why having a plan is essential 

From weather events to data breaches, seasonal rushes to network outages, unpredictability is a constant in life and business. In the field of customer service, often characterised by its inherent dynamism, these unexpected occurrences often manifest into surges in customers seeking assistance. 

Remember, it’s never a matter of if… but when.

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Premium offshoring: A game-changer for contact centres

One of the primary advantages of a premium offshoring model is scalability. It empowers your company to adjust its operations according to fluctuations in demand, effectively mitigating the impact of location-specific challenges. This approach offers the fluidity and flexibility needed to consistently provide timely and responsive customer service support.

Find out more: Premium Offshoring: A game-changer for contact centres

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