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Behind the Scenes Steps towards Greater Diversity

25/09/2019 By Eleanor Bell Reconciliation Analyst
Diversity People Sustainability
By Eleanor Bell Reconciliation Analyst
Diversity People Sustainability

TSA has always strived to be a diverse workplace. With their employees spanning from ages 17 to 82, and coming from all areas across the globe, they are proud to promote their inclusivity and understand the benefits of having a workforce that brings new knowledge and experience. But what about the areas beyond the frontline? Are businesses doing the best they can when it comes to promoting diversity across the unseen side of business? TSA didn’t think so. By becoming a member of Supply Nation and joining in their Supplier Diversity September festival, TSA has begun their journey in acknowledging where further changes need to be made.

Supply Nation offers Australia’s largest national directory of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned businesses. From food and hospitality services, to graphic designers, to office supplies, individuals and companies are able to quickly locate the services they need and confidently know that at least 50% of the business is owned by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islands person. Through their annual virtual festival, Supplier Diversity September, Supply Nation were brought to TSA’s attention and from that moment TSA were on board. “We’re always open to making changes. Previous companies we’d ordered office supplies through have been great, but Supply Nation has taken it to the next level. We’re now building relationships with local companies, receiving unique and quality items, as well as promoting a more inclusive economy” says Daytona Rossi, TSA’s Office Manager.

A membership with Supply Nation goes deeper for TSA than just the products purchased, it sets the tone for the business. As highlighted by Zahra Peggs, TSA’s Group Executive – People and Corporate Affairs, “Our membership with Supply Nation provides opportunities to be involved in initiatives designed to promote greater inclusion of Indigenous people. We recognise the value of a diverse supply chain to drive innovation and flexibility within our organisation, and we also believe that by ensuring that our procurement decisions include Indigenous businesses that we can contribute to greater economic empowerment of First Australians and contribute to ‘closing the gap’”.

Recent engagement with Muru Office Supplies, has meant that everyday items such as notebooks and tissue boxes, which feature artwork by Indigenous artist Marcus Lee Designs, further promote inclusivity within the workplace and show employees and visitors that diversity is important in all areas of the business.  Whilst orders with Whatsinaname Indigenous for reusable carry bags to be handed out at the 2019 Telstra Vantage expo, brought about conversations on both TSA’s drive for business and supplier diversity, as well as for a more sustainable future.  Through such initiatives and an ambition to make a change within their industry, TSA are leading the way for its partners and its employees to be a part of an exciting and better future in business.

Pictured: Office Manager Daytona Rossi, in our Perth Head Office with the team from Muru Office Supplies.


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