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When it comes to CX, understanding the latest trends and how they impact customer behaviours is important, but there are many conversations that we have with our clients that often surface again and again.


How can our CX be tailored to our business needs? How do we manage security during rapid digital transformation? What improvements can be made to support better business outcomes?


This quarter isn’t about the latest buzzwords, but addresses evergreen questions that support sustainable growth in the long run.


Offering insights and opinion pieces within our expertise and understanding of the CX industry, we explored these 3 key areas:


Building A CX Journey that Works for Your Customers


Why Contact Centre Operations are Not One Size Fits All


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Personalisation Through CX Tech


“Choosing suitable CX tech for your business isn’t a decision solely determined by hardware specifications or price; your customers should be the main guide for what technologies you need.”


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Omnichannel Not Only for the Younger Consumer


“Today’s 50-somethings are tomorrow’s 70-somethings. They will be much more tech-savvy and acquainted with digital channels than today’s retirees – so plan for that. And whatever age they are, people value convenience and speed.”


Learn More: An Omnichannel Contact Centre is Not Only for the Younger Customer



Digital Transformation and its Impact on the Way We Work


Empowering Contact Centre Representatives with Technology


There are three key ways your contact centre operation can use technology to support and empower your frontline agents.

  1. Firstly, they need help finding the right information at the exact moment they need it.
  2. Secondly, they need to be able to focus on high-impact tasks that add value for customers.
  3. Thirdly they need day-to-day support to continuously improve, develop skills, and move forward in their careers.

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Information Security Enables Businesses to Do More

Infographics of cybersecurity threats versus budgets on programmes

Learn More: Information Security Should Enable Businesses to Innovate and Do More



Impact of the pandemic on Australian Call Centres on ABC Radio Perth


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What Makes Us, Us


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Innovation Through Curiosity: Digitising the Recruitment Process


“To keep delivering the best solutions for clients you have to constantly reassess and change. This is how we remodelled our recruitment process and the Talent Acquisition team to deliver in a time of massive change and growth.”

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Learn More: Innovation Through Curiosity



Celebrating 10,000 Followers


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