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The Insider Edit – April to June 2023

Insights The Insider Edit
Insights The Insider Edit

By letting go of preconceived notions and biases, we open ourselves up to new perspectives and insights. With ongoing dialogue and feedback loops, be it from customers or employees, we can forge genuine connections, navigate through change with confidence, and ensure that we remain relevant.

So, ditch those assumptions!

Offering insights and opinion pieces within our expertise and understanding of the CX industry, we explored these key areas:


Remain relevant through shifting customer behaviours

Why better customer service is needed to avoid abandoned online shopping carts

“We can very quickly identify what works and what doesn’t. Whether it’s direct customer feedback or the types of questions our support agents receive, we can tweak the digital support we provide based on this data. This level of individualised support places customers in an informed position and removes many of the barriers to completing their purchase.”

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Building cultural synergy when going offshore

Cultural alignment is necessary to achieving the best results with offshore outsourcing. The more your customers and contact centre staff relate to one another, and share similar cultural touchpoints, the easier it will be to deliver a consistent and relevant customer experience (CX) across all your channels.

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Call centres broaden the search for customer experience skills

We recognise the value that more mature workers bring in a contact centre environment. It is important that the sector continues to challenge the perception that frontline roles are suited only for younger individuals.

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Super scams put the onus on funds to offer better customer service

“With this increased pressure on superannuation providers to provide customers with clear, accurate advice, in addition to detecting if there might be any signs they are being targeted by a scam, TSA Group Chief Operating Officer Dan Hill-Smith says creating awareness while maintaining trust is crucial as fraudsters accelerate their unscrupulous activities.”

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Everyday leadership: Leadership is not reserved for the extraordinary

Leadership Lounge Lunch & Learn with Dan Hill-Smith

“I would argue that if you are not providing constructive feedback to somebody right now, you are doing that person a massive disservice.”

Watch & share on LinkedIn > Leadership Lounge with Dan


Engaging leadership with Darrah Doyle

Remember to consider the impact of small, organic interactions when communicating a workplace’s culture.

Watch & share on LinkedIn > Engaging leadership



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