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We Braved the Shave!

31/07/2019 By Luke Kenny Chief Executive Officer
Culture Fundraising People
By Luke Kenny Chief Executive Officer
Culture Fundraising People


It’s hard to believe that only a little over a month ago, we found out that our dear Scotsman, friend and colleague, Blaine Slater, had been re-diagnosed with cancer. Blaine has now almost finished his treatment, and we can’t wait to have him back at TSA with us (if only so we can compare who the better looking bald guy is…!)

When we launched this fundraiser, we had no doubts that the TSA community (including all of our team, our clients and our suppliers) would dig deep to support such a worthy cause. We’re no stranger to stretch targets at TSA, and when we raised almost $15,000 in the first 24 hours, we knew that we had tapped into a spirit of generosity that was incredibly inspiring, and incredibly humbling. From there, we smashed through the $25,000 target, and even then the momentum didn’t diminish.

It is now one of my proudest moments as CEO to announce that we have raised a total of $50,469.01 in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities; a truly life changing amount of money for the kids and their families that they support.

Thank you to everyone who donated generously, shared the fundraiser with your friends and family, sacrificed your hair and even permanently tattooed yourself to contribute to this outstanding result.


Ra Stewart, a representative from RMHC who joined us for ‘Shave O’Clock’ at Troode St, told us a little about what this money would be used for. It turns out that the biggest fear that the kids at RMHC have isn’t losing their hair, or facing into their treatment, or even not seeing their friends. Instead, she told us that the thing that the kids fear most is being seen as ‘dumb’ because they haven’t been able to go to school. The money that we have raised will be invested in a new Learning Centre that RMHC is building here in Perth to help make sure that these kids can keep up with their education while undergoing treatment, enabling them to go straight back to school as soon as they’re well enough to. As you can imagine, by the time Ra had finished speaking, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.


And finally, let’s not forgot the important message that Blaine wanted us to promote as part Shave the Brave: make sure that you’re aware of any unusual changes in your body, and be proactive about seeking medical advice. 

Blaine was vigilant about monitoring his health, which is why he and his doctors were able to detect this cancer early enough for it to be treated successfully. I again encourage you to visit this link to find out more about how to prevent and detect the early signs of cancer.

I genuinely can’t thank you all enough for getting behind ‘Shave the Brave’ and helping us to do such a wonderful thing for our community – what a perfect #OneTSA achievement this is.



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