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The Insider Edit – January to March 2024

Insights The Insider Edit
Insights The Insider Edit

What does growth look like for a workforce of the future? 

Our pursuit of growth often mirrors constructing of a skyscraper, upskilling employees and building new technologies to enhance efficiency and productivity. While aiming for new heights is vital, growth is shaped equally by the breadth of its foundation to ensure stability and resilience amidst turbulent times.  

Investing in tools and processes, such as reskilling of employees, prioritising their well-being, and embracing inclusion, can encourage a more sustainable growth. 

Offering insights and opinion pieces within our expertise and understanding of the CX industry, we explored these key areas:


Building capabilities and professional growth

Regaining control: Transforming digital sales with contact centre outsourcing

Did you know that your contact centre can help bring predictability back to digital sales? While selling has become more challenging, with rise in competition, a squeeze on resources and several uncertain economic factors, there are proactive steps your contact centre can take to adapt to customers’ needs, streamline the sales process and improve overall customer experience.

Find out more: Transforming digital sales with contact centre outsourcing

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Banking on the future: 4 contact centre trends that will change financial services

“The utopia for most people when you think about using AI is to create an experience for a customer where everything is easy, they have access to everything they need, and the technology is smart enough to know the reason that they’re trying to contact the bank.” – Cazna Makirere, Project Manager, TSA Group Pty Ltd 

Find out more about the tech advancements that are set to further disrupt the fast-evolving sector: Banking on the future  

Hear it from Georgina Mauger

It’s not just about where we’ve been but where we’re headed. As Georgina Mauger, Group Manager of Operations at TSA, puts it, “we have been fine-tuning our infrastructure, our resources and the support we provide to our customer service representatives”, ensuring we stay ahead and confidently navigate future challenges. 

Watch now on LinkedIn 

Gearing up to ride the seasonal swell  

“Emerging technologies also play a big role in smoothing out a seasonal spike. Agents can are able to leverage knowledge bases to ensure they’re able to answer any query, while chatbots and other self-service offerings route simple inquiries away from human agents.

 Find out more: Gearing up to ride the seasonal swell

Investing towards stability and resilience

Unleashing workforce potential: addressing challenges in contact centre staffing

The decade-high levels of mobility are posing a big challenge for contact centres, which already face attraction and retention issues such as attrition, burnout and skill gaps.  

In our article – Unleashing workforce potential – Alexis Sideris, TSA Group’s HR Business Partner, dives into the critical importance of training, rewards, and opportunities for development and advancement to tackling these industry challenges.

Workforce resilience – why it matters and how to cultivate it

The higher the level of resilience within your workforce, the more proficiency there is to manage business changes and industry shifts without yielding to excessive frustration, distrust, or uncertainty. 

Workforce resilience is also key to fostering long-term employee retention and acts as a cornerstone in building and sustaining an effective, engaging workplace culture – especially during challenging situations.

But how can we better equip the workforce with values and skills to build resilience? Find out more: Why workforce resilience matters  

20 Years Journey with TSA

Kate Twigley’s two decades-long journey with TSA is nothing short of impressive. As a Group Executive of Workplace Services today, Kate continues to make a massive impact to the business and in building an inclusive, supportive and engaging workplace.

Read her story on LinkedIn 

International Women’s Day 2024

This International Women’s Day, we celebrate our new partnership with Ruah Community Services, an organisation dedicated to supporting individuals impacted by homelessness, women and children experiencing domestic violence, and people with mental health challenges. Together, we aim to #InspireInclusion and champion initiatives that bring about lasting improvements for those in need. 

Stay tuned as we embark on this journey together, and click here to find out more about Ruah Community Services: 

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