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The recent few months, of what seems like a post-covid world, have been a mixed bag of optimism for recovery along with panic and doubt from adapting to the new normal.  

Those who innovated to match the new ways of working, such as virtual healthcare services or industrial automation, have seen successes. While others who relied on ‘business as usual’ processes found themselves struggling with uncertainty and resource shortages.  

How can industries such as aviation or hospitality bounce back to their pre-covid growth trajectory? What is the role of CX in that journey? 

Offering insights and opinion pieces within our expertise and understanding of the CX industry, we explored these key areas: 


The impact of CX in the post-covid world 

‘Longer than the flight’: unanswered calls put business reputations at risk  

“When you create a terrible experience for a customer, it can take years for them to forgive you – we are extremely demanding of what we expect from companies now,” Ms Mauger – Group Manager of Operations at TSA Group, says. 

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Pharmacy of the future: will online dispensaries meet the needs of the Australian customer? 

Online pharmacies have surged in popularity in other countries, but Australia has long relied on the advice of a local chemist and the personal touch. What does it take to create that trust and personal connection online? 

Find out the challenges and opportunities for healthcare going online: Will Online Dispensaries Meet the Needs of the Australian Customer 


Tourism staff turnover: the surprising reputation risk 

“Customer satisfaction and staff-client relationships are critical as the tourism sector seeks to make up for time lost to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

With TSA taking care of the contact centre solution and technology, our client can now focus their internal staff’s attention towards on-site services.  

The result was a scalable solution for a client who might otherwise still be struggling to fill the roles and bring training up to speed, possibly losing customer confidence in the process.” 

Find out more: Tourism staff turnover

Redefining ways of work

The changing nature of tech decision making in contact centres  

“In the contact centre environment today, technology buying and implementation no longer work with a top-down approach and now involve more departments and people to ensure success.” 

Learn more: The Changing Nature of Tech Decision Making 

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First line of defence – our people 

“Last year, a survey of over 1,000 businesses reported an increase of 19% in security breaches with people working at home.” 

“Remote working has introduced new security risks for contact centres. We believe security is about more than technology and policies; it’s about people.” 

Read more: First Line of Defence 


Let the robot do it – why we automated our contact centre and why our customers love it  

“The end result of automating these processes is reduced interaction times, more customers served, and those customers receiving better service than if they’d simply spoken to a call centre operator.” 

Find out what those processes are: Let the robot do it

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HRD Australia 2022 Innovative HR Team 

TSA Group has been revealed as a winner in HRD Australia 2022 Innovative HR Team! 

Read more on HRD on why innovation is key to executing a successful HR strategy today.  


Mistakes That Made Me 

In the first two of its series, Xander and Charlie shared with us how their early mistakes have made them more resilient and taught them valuable lessons about themselves.  

Watch and share on LinkedIn > Xander and Charlie



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