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What is a call centre knowledge base and how it supports our clients

Centact centre Technology knowledge management
Centact centre Technology knowledge management

The quality of a call centre’s knowledge base plays a crucial role in determining the level of customer service effectiveness and efficiency it can provide.

Also known as a Knowledge Management System (KMS), a knowledge base is a centralised, cloud-based repository of information designed for frontline call centre representatives. It contains detailed answers to customer inquiries, solutions to common problems, troubleshooting steps, product information, company policies, and procedures, giving representatives a single source of truth to work from.

For an organisation like TSA, which manages a broad spectrum of clients and leverages technology to enhance service quality and speed, a robust KMS is indispensable. To offer a sense of scope in terms of size, one of our programs has a KMS that documents over 700 processes, with an average of 11,500 user engagements per month.

Some other benefits of a cloud-based KMS designed especially for frontline representatives include:

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1. Streamlining Information Retrieval 

Customers are 2.4 times more likely to stick with a brand when their problems are solved quickly.

Speed is of the essence in customer support. Customers, ultimately, want fast results. TSA employs a KMS with the latest in AI-assisted Search. It enables representatives to quickly and confidently pull information from the knowledge base without needing to memorise where the answers are.

Our system also includes capabilities to track commonly searched terms to help our clients identify emerging issues. This data provides valuable insights into areas of concern or knowledge gaps, facilitating enhancements in training quality within the contact centre. Consequently, we can deliver more targeted and personalised training opportunities, further optimising support effectiveness.

2. Better, quicker onboarding of new team members 

You could say speed is also crucial when training new staff, although this doesn’t mean rushing them into roles for which they’re unprepared. Rather, a comprehensive and user-friendly KMS is essential for helping new employees feel confident and ready for their roles more quickly.

When people know they have the necessary resources at their fingertips and that they can perform in their roles without first having to memorise vast amounts of information, they’re more likely to enjoy both the job and company culture instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Of course, this trickles down to customers as well in that they’re assured correct and consistent information regardless of their point of contact.

3. Fostering continuous capability improvements 

By centrally storing all information and ensuring real-time updates, our cutting-edge KMS means that all team members have immediate access to the latest processes and data. This constant refreshment of knowledge prevents outdated practices and keeps the team abreast of new developments, enabling faster, more accurate responses to customer inquiries.

Furthermore, as the system continues to grow, it can track usage patterns and feedback to identify areas for further enhancement. In turn, this improves operational efficiency and productivity across TSA by perpetually refining the quality of service we can deliver to customers.

4. Reducing compliance breaches  

A centralised and continuously updated KMS reduces the risk of compliance breaches across a company, regardless of its size or the number of locations. This system ensures all employees access uniform and current information, preventing discrepancies that can arise from outdated practices or misinformation.

It becomes particularly important in industries that are more regulated, such as finance or healthcare, where compliance with legal standards is not just beneficial for service consistency but also a legal requirement. A quality KMS, therefore, helps maintain high compliance standards across the customer service team by offering a reliable, current, and authoritative source of information that can be trusted by team members and customers alike.


5. Boosting First Contact Resolution (FCR)

FCR is a crucial performance indicator for call centres because nothing annoys customers more than having to make multiple calls or contacts to resolve an issue. For this benefit alone, implementing a KMS is a no-brainer. With an AI-powered and centralised info hub, all necessary data is readily available, tailored specifically to streamline information retrieval and support effective resolution strategies. “In fact, HDI states that organisations using knowledge-centred support typically enjoy much better first-call and first-level resolution rates than those who do not – often by as much as 15%.”

6. Nurturing leadership

At TSA, we’re big on fostering talent through development and job progression. Our KMS serves as a catalyst for motivating skilled employees to pursue pathways to leadership and management roles within the organisation. Central to our advanced KMS is its capacity to grant employees autonomy, equipping them with the resources and information needed to independently address inquiries, thereby diminishing dependence on specialists or team leaders. While enhancing productivity, this autonomy also cultivates self-sufficiency and nurtures critical problem-solving abilities – crucial attributes for leadership positions.

In conclusion

At TSA, leveraging cutting-edge technology in our KMS underscores our dedication to providing the absolute best in customer service – for our clients, their customers, and for the development of our employees.



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