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Driving your career forward

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At TSA, we understand that career development is not just about moving up the ladder—it’s about moving right, left, and every which way that brings you growth and satisfaction. In a company where internal movement and advancement are common, taking control of your personal development is key. While most companies, including ours, provide comprehensive support and guidance as you transition into a new role, harnessing the full potential of your career trajectory also requires your own initiative. Below, we outline five key strategies that can empower you to actively drive your career forward:


1. Create a personal process guide

Everyone has unique ways of learning, and while you may be issued with an extensive process guide in your new role, it might not fully meet your needs or level of understanding. To ensure you’re taking charge of your learning journey, make it a practice to clearly document what you’re being taught and ask for regular reviews to confirm its accuracy. This proactive approach not only demonstrates your understanding and initiative but also aids in creating a knowledge base for your team, making it a win-win for everyone involved.

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2. Schedule a check-in

Why wait for your next monthly or quarterly review to get feedback on your performance? Take the initiative to schedule a meeting as you need it. Leaders are often juggling numerous responsibilities, including meetings and projects, so being proactive and booking time in their calendar not only reduces the administrative load but also demonstrates your commitment to your personal development. It’s an approach that not only clears up any uncertainties but also allows you to receive tailored guidance that’s directly relevant to your current tasks.

3. Seek feedback and act on it

Feedback is a gift—cherish it and seek it often. Don’t limit yourself to feedback from just your direct supervisor; ask your peers and other stakeholders for their input as well. This shows your openness to learning and adapting, which are critical traits for any personal or professional growth. Most importantly, act on the feedback you receive. Show that you can not only listen but also apply what you learn to become even better at what you do.

4. Learn it and question it

Once you’ve taken the opportunity to learn a role, don’t hesitate to question and critically analyse the processes you encounter. It’s important to understand not only how things are done but also why they are done in a particular way. By questioning and discussing the rationale behind processes with your supervisors and peers, you can identify potential areas for efficiency gains or innovative changes. Showing your commitment to not only mastering your role but also enhancing the overall effectiveness of your team is a sure way to make yourself an indispensable member of the organisation.


5. Expand your skill set

Identify areas where you can enhance your skills or learn new ones that align with your career aspirations. “I commenced my TSA journey as a frontline team member 13 years ago. Once I quickly realised that TSA was a company that celebrated uniqueness and gave everyone a shot, I made a pact with myself to become a leader. I wanted to pay it forward and provide opportunity to those who might not get it anywhere else. To do this, I simply came to work every day with an abundance of curiosity and drive, putting myself forward for as many opportunities as possible (the big and the small—humility is one of the best traits you can have when trying to progress in life). I truly believe that nothing good comes from your comfort zone,” says now Group Manager of Operations, Georgina Mauger.


Your career path is yours to shape. Armed with the support and guidance of good leaders, the additional steps you take on your own can truly set the pace for your development and success. Whether it’s through diligently crafting your process guides, actively seeking feedback, or continuously questioning and improving upon established procedures, each action you take not only propels your personal growth but also contributes significantly to a company’s collective success. 

Career advancement at TSA isn’t just about climbing the traditional ladder; it’s about creating a pathway that aligns with your individual aspirations and abilities. We value and encourage curiosity, drive, and a willingness to step outside the comfort zone because these qualities make us stronger as a team and more innovative as a company. So, take charge of your professional journey with confidence. Embrace each opportunity, engage with your role, and never shy away from the chance to learn and grow. 



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