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TSA’s Project Care: Compassion transforming lives

community People TSACare
community People TSACare

TSA exists to help and support others, whether that be our clients, our customers, our community, or each other.  

Ingrained in our company culture or, as we call it, our TSA Ways, we look to build teams that embody the values to make a meaningful impact both within our business operations and externally. Inspired by this spirit, ‘Project Care’ was born out of our Philippines office in 2020. Focusing on supporting the efforts of a local non-government organisation, Project PEARLS, TSA employees assist in raising awareness and support for their mission: to help children and their families break the cycle of poverty through education and literacy, health care and nutrition, and empowerment through skills development. 

Bridging gaps, bringing hope 

Not far from our Manila office lies the district of Tondo; Manila’s most densified district. For many, it’s a place of lost dreams. Where leaving hometowns for the city in pursuit of a better future didn’t go as planned. Where, even if relocated through government projects, the distance from employment opportunities is too far, and people return. It’s here that many earn an income by sorting through the rubbish of a now-closed landfill site or collecting “pagpag the leftover food from nearby restaurants, to sell on or feed their families. 

But it’s also here that Project PEARLS has brought positive change, and we’ve been privileged to join them. The people of TSA Philippines have been given the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the Helping Land, Temporary Housing Community of Tondo. We’ve been moved by the resilience and warmth of its people, and the stories of struggle and survival touch our hearts. “Seeing a smile on their face made me even more grateful for life and appreciate the little things. I learned from them that a simple act can have a big impact on others,” shares Czeline, a member of our back-of-house processing team.

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A community that’s shaping our people 

Project Care hasn’t just brought a sense of connection with our broader communities; it’s brought with it our own internal community. Collective action and compassion have seen our teams participate in Project PEARLS’ ‘Adopt a Kid’ and ‘Adopt a Family’ initiatives to support Christmas drives and bring joy over the festive season. Donations extend throughout the year to include in-office stalls and Project Care branded clothing for our team members, with part proceeds being used to purchase school supplies and other necessities for the children of Tondo. We also organise various fundraising events and activities, ranging from bake sales to sponsored challenges, where employees come together to raise funds and awareness for Project Care’s initiatives. These events not only help support a good cause but also strengthen the bonds within our teams as we work towards a common goal of making a positive impact on the lives of others. 

In addition to fundraising efforts, we actively participate in hands-on activities, such as preparing and distributing supplies and food, providing us with a much deeper understanding of the challenges faced by those in need. By actively engaging with Project Care’s initiatives, we not only contribute to positive change in the lives of individuals but also nurture a culture of compassion within our organisation.

It takes a village

Reflecting on our journey with Project Care and our partnership with Project PEARLS, one sentiment rings true: it takes a village to create lasting change. Together with our clients, employees, and the support of their extended families, we’ve witnessed the transformative power of our shared commitment to making a difference. 

In the words of one of our client’s representatives, who joined us on a recent trip to Tondo, “It is very rewarding. I need to go home and think about how blessed I am.” This sentiment captures the profound impact TSA’s Project Care has, not just through self-reflection, but how that carries over to our workplace culture and to the service we deliver. Whether it’s providing school supplies, distributing food to those in need, or just speaking to customers with a smile, every action, no matter how small, contributes to a brighter future for all.



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