TSA’s Next Generation CX Platform

TSA, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) brings you a cloud-based CX platform that flexes and scales with your business.

TSA are the first Australian-owned company to be awarded Amazon Connect Service Delivery Partner status. With over 20 years of contact centre experience, TSA can help you to reimagine your CX ecosystem with an omnichannel platform powered by Amazon Connect. TSA’s proprietary Proactive Outbound engine boasts sophisticated dialling and campaign and list management capabilities.

We Have the Capability

Powerful, integrated Contact Centre using Amazon Connect. Your business reaps the benefits of next-generation CX technology on the world’s most adopted cloud platform, AWS, by reducing hardware investment, scalability, redundancy and security.

We build CX that solves problems unique to your business.

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Why work with us

TSA CX Technology - Easy

As a Contact Center as a Service (CCaS) provider, we know first hand what it takes to run enterprise contact centres.

TSA CX Technology - Innovation

With our first hand experience of running contact centres, we collaborate with one of the world’s leading cloud providers to create innovative, best practice solutions to CX problems unique to your business.


We get the limitations that traditional CX technologies have on your business. Channels are limited, the technology is clunky, hard to integrate and inflexible, meaning you have to adapt your business practice to suit, despite bad practice!


As an AWS Consulting Partner, TSA are recognised with the highest level of accreditation as a Service Delivery Partner with Amazon Connect. We’re trusted to make you successful, through the use of AWS services. View our partner profile here.


Using Amazon Connect and TSA’s Proactive Contact, align your business to modern customer inbound and outbound channels (voice, messaging, email and socials) via one platform.

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Empower automation by integrating directly to your systems, creating a seamless experience for everyone.

We make your CRM and Workforce Management systems, Social Media platforms, Chat applications (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger) and Payment Gateway play nicely with your Contact Centre.


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Create powerful intelligence you can leverage to provide your customers with high quality outcomes with machine learning, AI and integrations to your CRM and WFM systems.

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Drive insights into the performance of your CX through centralised data and activity. Get access to real-time, self-service reporting in Amazon Connect, so you can take action as soon as you need to.

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You don’t need fancy engineers to migrate your contact centre to the cloud. We’ll support you in your migration jouney.

Transition your contact centre to the cloud

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