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The Insider Edit – April to June 2024

Insights The Insider Edit
Insights The Insider Edit

It’s to no one’s surprise that tech dominated the conversations in the last financial year and it’s not stepping down anytime soon, especially in the world of enhancing customer experiences. Whether it’s artificial intelligence (AI) or cybersecurity, its potential to transform customer interactions is undeniable.  

But, as we dive deeper, it’s clear that these promises hinge on a carefully mapped implementation pathway. After all, investing in these areas is only as valuable as the returns they deliver.  

Here are some insights from our perspective that may guide you in your thinking:


Building a bot that people actually like

Integrating artificial intelligence into customer service through virtual assistants and chatbots has the potential to transform operations, but without empathy or emotional intelligence, they risk alienating customers.  

Find out more on how contact centres can implement chatbots thoughtfully or figure out if chatbots are even a right fit for your business: Building a bot that people actually like

Navigating AI implementation in banking

While the potential of AI is undeniable, so too are the questions and hesitations around its implementation. Hear it from Cazna Makirere, Project Manager at TSA Group, sharing the considerations when it comes to AI in the banking sector. Watch the video here.

Contact centres safeguarding Australian industry

We recognize the synergy between human vigilance and advanced technology in safeguarding critical data and infrastructure in the contact centre industry. Find out how these strategies can be vital to protecting and building trust with your customers: Contact centres safeguarding Australian industry

AI in the workplace

Where does AI sit in the future of contact centres? Our internal poll found that 49% of respondents see its potential but with reservations.  

Here at TSA, we believe in harnessing the power of technology while valuing the human touch and connection. It’s important that we make considered decisions around emerging technologies to strike the right balance for clients and customers. 

Find out more: Will AI replace humans in customer service



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