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How contact centres can support the healthcare industry in Australia

Digital CX Healthcare
Digital CX Healthcare

Over the last three years, Covid-19 has hit Australia’s healthcare industry in more ways than one – not only on the pandemic’s frontline, but as a vital system that had to swiftly adapt to remote solutions while maintaining medical care.

This increased pressure on healthcare businesses has seen long wait times for appointments, lowered patient expectations, and reactive business strategies that cause stress for practitioners and teams. The challenge is that patients are used to the seamless experience they get as consumers and can’t understand why patient engagement has to be like this in healthcare – and it doesn’t.

Healthcare contact centre support can offer a range of solutions for healthcare focused businesses to ease those pressure points. When things are running smoothly behind the scenes, you can focus on doing what you do best – taking care of others.

Contact centre solutions that can alleviate those pressure points and support businesses in the healthcare industry include:

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Digital CX

Contact centre teams can handle large volumes of calls and queries by working in a cloud-based environment. Leading-edge digital CX solutions enable the team to handle and log larger volumes of queries with the same diligence and capability. Using a next-generation CX platform, contact centres can help reduce your business’ hardware investment, redundancy and security issues, while helping with time-consuming tasks such as messaging, contacts management and payment. The key is to let your customers, or patients, communicate with you in the channel of their choice and for your operating model to be designed to cater for that.


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Learn how digital CX can handle unpredictable peaks without sacrificing quality

Work from home capabilities

Remote working has been a significant challenge for many businesses since the pandemic began. Choosing and implementing new technologies, changing schedules and redefined team dynamics are just a few of the issues businesses are grappling with. Working from home has changed the game and businesses need to pivot to adapt to that.

Contact centres are no different, and must have airtight systems in place to ensure they can continue providing much-needed industry support. Contact centres, like us, have the knowledge and proven capability to adapt your business requirements to work remotely with ease, flexibility and efficiency. Most importantly, supporting that transition to be smoother for both staff and customers.

Rapid response times

Another major part of the patient experience is rapid – and quality – responses. A good contact centre provider can enable your business to do both – tap into a flexible workforce that scales and contracts with demand but with the comfort of knowing that the staff are fully trained and knowledgeable thanks to the implementation of cutting-edge learning and knowledge management systems.

By combining this knowledge with tried-and-tested staffing solutions, contact centres can clear out those clunky, outdated methods that cause headaches for practitioners, patients and support staff alike – all whilst keeping a much firmer control of the delivery costs.


Implementing tech solutions and automation that reduces cost & improves efficiency is a big part of having great CX, but it doesn’t stop there. Having a strong team behind the scenes to provide back office support and alleviate pressures on more tedious tasks, such as secure data collection or processing payments, can create a more holistic solution and allow the business to focus on healthcare – where it belongs.



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